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When was Campus eBikes founded?
Campus eBikes was originally founded in Denver, CO in 2016.
Who are the founders of Campus eBikes?
The founders of Campus eBikes are Dave Waddell (CEO), Aidan Vrazel (CTO), and Vicki Vrazel (CFO).
What are the rules of the road?
The rules of the road vary slightly by state. However, if you want respect, then act like every other road vehicle user:
… and, seriously, wear a helmet (ask Humpty Dumpty)!
What is 700c?
700c is the dominant wheel size in the modern bike world (which also goes by 29er), and the biggest of the top three. The other two are 26 inches, and 650B (which also goes by 27.5 inches). The approximate diameters of the rims for these sizes are:
700c = 622 millimeters
650A = 590 millimeters
650B = 584 millimeters
650C = 571 millimeters
27 in = 630 millimeters
26 in = 559 millimeters
What are puncture-resistant Tires, Tire liners and slime filled tubes?
Puncture-resistant Tires. Many tire makers employ a durable belt of aramid fibers (such as the well-known Kevlar® brand) to resist punctures; others simply increase the tread thickness. These tires are marketed by a variety of proprietary names: the Serfas Flat Protection System, the Continental Safety System, the Michelin ProTek reinforcement system and so on. The downside of these tires is that they are relatively heavy which reduces your pedaling efficiency.
Tire liners. Tire liners and slime tubes are only stopgap measures to combat tire failure. If you upgrade your tires, not only will a tire liner be unnecessary, but slime tubes will not be needed because of the much higher protection afforded by a high quality tire. Also, tire liners can cause flats if installed improperly, chafing or pinching the tube as they move around within the tire. A few good choices are the Vittoria Randonneur, the Continental Touring Plus, and the Schwalbe Marathon Plus. These are heavier tires, and not suitable for a racing bike. However, they have a very thick anti-puncture strip that will stop pretty much anything that isn't a roofing nail or a pinch flat. They are also extremely durable.
Slime filled inner tubes. The Bell or Slime inner tubes do not work with high pressure road tires, but do work great with lower pressure mountain bike or touring tires. Once a thorn (Goathead thorns are a problem in the Denver area) or whatever enters a high pressure road tire with Slime it deflates instantly, so you try pumping it up and it holds till you get between 65 to 70psi then it's flat again. This is because Slime cannot hold high pressure, and while it's leaking its turning your rim tape into a green mess.
Always carry a puncture repair kit. Our recommendation is to carry a slime-filled tube, for emergencies, but replace it when you get home. Other tire variants such as solid, airless, and tubeless such as these tires by Tannus or Greentyre in the UK.
An interesting new product is Caffélatex which is a truly innovative tyre sealant, successfully used for road and off-road cycling, in tubeless, tubular and inner-tube applications.
What is the correct tire inflation pressure?
Read All About Tire Inflation by Frank Berto.
How do you fix a bicycle flat?
Read How to fix a bicycle flat.
What are Bell Solid NOMORFLAT tubes?
Nobody likes having a flat tire. Protect your bike and your peace of mind when you come prepared with the Bell 26" Solid NOMORFLAT. This fantastic product works to maintain a constant tire pressure, so you need not worry about your tire dropping or losing its interior pressure. Designed with no valve stem for your convenience, this bicycle inner tube is easy to install. It is great for all levels of riders and designed for a 20" or 26" frame. This product is hard to find as Bell seem to have stopped making it. There are reports of the tubes turning in the rim (because they are not anchored by a valve stem) and of the 26" x 1.75-1.95" not fitting in a 1.75" wide rim.
How do you replace a damaged wheel bearing
If this is a rear wheel, determine the type of gear cassette you have and remove it with a Freewheel Removal Tool. Then both front and rear bearings can be replaced as in this video. If you turn it with your fingers, you will be able to feel if there are any cracked or broken bearings as it will not turn freely.